If you have selected a specific service duration such as the 30, 60 or 90 day option, please be advised that (if you do not request a service extension) your SIM card will be permanently disconnected at the end of your selected service period.

After this point, the SIM card cannot be re-used and so you would be required to purchase a replacement SIM card (which would be assigned a new phone number) for any future trips to Japan.

To extend your service duration, please login to your Mobal online account (MyAccount) and click on the “More Information” button as shown below –

On the next screen, please click on the “Extend Service” button as shown below –

A new window will then appear and you will have the option to extend your service by a duration of 30, 60 or 90 days. Your new end date will then be displayed below and you can either allow your SIM card to expire on this date or request another service extension prior to this date.

Alternatively, you can choose the “Ongoing Voice, Text & Data” plan and your service will then continue on an ongoing basis until you login to your online account and request temporary suspension / permanent disconnection of your SIM card.

If you have selected the “Ongoing Option” please ensure that you submit a suspension / termination request through your Mobal online account.

For further instructions on how to request temporary suspension (and place your SIM card on the “Vacation Plan”, please visit this link.

For further instructions on how to request termination of your service, please visit this link.