It is your responsibility to ensure that the billing information we hold on file for you remains up to date. Please be advised that your service may be disconnected / suspended if the payment method we hold for you is not kept up to date.

If you use a credit card for the payment method, we will send you a reminder via email to let you know if it’s about to expire. However, if you have not kept your email address up to date (by updating it through your Mobal online account), then we will not be able to contact you.

To update your billing information, please login to your online account and click on the “Account Information” button

You will see a section titled “Credit Cards” and you can click on “Update Card” which will open a new window. Please select which of your devices / SIM cards you wish to apply the update to (if you have multiple), enter your new billing information and then click on “Submit”. If successful, the update will automatically overwrite the previous credit card information we held for you.

When you update your billing information, our system will automatically perform security checks on the information provided. This will include an authorization against your credit card for a small amount (usually $1). Please rest assured that this is only an authorization (this will disappear from your statement within a few days) and we will not actually take the money from your account.