Email / SMS Notifications

There may be occasions where we send you an Email / SMS notification in relation to charges for your Mobal service.

If there is an outstanding balance on your account for example, we may send you an SMS text message alert similar to what is shown below –

“Your Mobal bill is due for payment. Visit to view the details and make payment. Thank you.”

An email notification would also be sent to you if there is a decline or if your service has been suspended due to a billing issue etc.

Emails of this type will usually contain details such as your name, a reference to your Mobal product (such as the Mobal phone number for example) and details of the outstanding balance. The emails will also contain a link to your Mobal MyAccount so that you can login to resolve the issue.

If your Mobal service has been placed on our ‘Cash Payment’ option, an email alert will also be sent to you when a payment is due. Emails of this type would also contain your name, details of the charge, basic instructions for making a cash payment and a link to your Mobal MyAccount.

Emails that are sent from our company will also always originate from an address such as for example.


Fraudulent Emails / SMS Notifications / Messages

There may also be times where you will receive spam emails / SMS messages claiming to be from certain companies (such as Softbank for example) advising that you are required to make a payment or that there is an issue you need to contact them about.

We cannot control messages of this type (as they are unrelated to our service) and so please be cautious and ensure that you do not respond to messages of this type (or click on any links contained within the message) unless you are certain that it is a legitimate message from a company that you have an account with.

Messages sent directly from our company will meet the specifications shown in the section above but if you ever receive a message asking you to make a payment (and you are unsure if it is a legitimate message that originated from us), we would just recommend that you login to your Mobal MyAccount to check your billing history / details of any outstanding charges etc.

Please also note that we would never charge you for support of any kind and so if you ever receive messages / see pop-up windows offering support for an additional fee, please ignore these and only discuss issues directly with our support team. Email messages from our support team will always originate from an email address.

If there are ever any billing issues or you have a question about a message you have received, please send an email to and our Credit Control team will be able to assist you further!