The Mobal Iridium Satellite Phone has global coverage. It will operate anywhere in the world – even in remote areas. It is ideal for use in areas where there is little or no cellular coverage such as in the mountains or out at sea. It will even operate in the North and South Poles and it will work when the cellular phone networks are down!

Please be aware, that to make and receive calls on the Mobal Satellite Phone, you must have a clear line of sight to the sky. Your phone cannot operate indoors, or close to tall trees or buildings. Basically, the more sky that you can see, the better the signal strength you will get.

The Mobal Satellite Phone is used around the world on leisure and adventure trips; it is used on remote hunting and fishing tours, for expeditions and treks the world over, on sea vessels and cruise ships, and in many more remote destinations around the world.

The Mobal Satellite Phone is also used in contingency planning and for disaster recovery missions.

Wherever it is used, the Mobal Satellite Phone gives valuable peace of mind allowing users to keep in touch with friends, family and co-workers. See what these customers had to say about the value of their Mobal Satellite Phone:

Your phone let me check in with my wife and kids, even though I was in complete wilderness, miles from anyone.  And mostly to let them know that I hadn’t been eaten by a bear yet (which was my 6 year old daughters main concern).
Chris James

The phone was fantastic, we had constant phone service for the whole trip and maximum signal strength too, I would recommend this brilliant product and service for any serious traveller who may be away from cellular coverage and “normal” methods of communication.
John Wood