If your phone is asking for a PIN or password it could be one of the following:

Network Lock“: This can be simply referenced as such but it’s common to see other references like “Operator Unlock PIN” or “Subsidy Password“. If you are prompted for any of these then your device is not fully unlocked. If you receive a message such as “The SIM card is not supported under the activation policy…” this also means your phone is not fully unlocked. You will need to contact the supplier of the phone to obtain an unlock code as we do not have access to this!

Phone Lock“: This is widely used on smartphones as a screen lock. Typically this can be in the form of a PIN, Pattern or Password. Please note there is not a default screen lock code – When you first set it up you are prompted to create a new PIN/Password/Pattern. Note: We do not have access to what you enter so we are unable to provide an unlock code and the SIM PIN or PUK will not override this lock.

SIM PIN Lock“: This is not active by default so unless you have previously enabled this feature your phone will not prompt for it. When active, it will become blocked if you enter an incorrect code on three successive occasions. In this case you will then be prompted for a PUK code. If you need a PUK code and it’s not on your SIM Card User Guide then please contact us for assistance.

Tip: If you are unsure what code is active due to a generic prompt (i.e. “Enter PIN“) then test as follows;

Switch the phone off and remove the Mobal SIM. Switch the phone on without a SIM inserted. If you are still prompted to enter PIN/Password/Pattern then a “Phone Lock” is active.

If a “Phone Lock” is not active and you have not enabled the “SIM PIN Lock” then switch the phone off and remove the Mobal SIM. Insert the SIM previously used in the phone and switch the phone on. If you are no longer prompted to enter a code then your phone has a “Network Lock”.