If you receive an “Invalid SIM” or “SIM Not Supported” error message when your Mobal SIM card is inserted in your iPhone then this indicates that your phone is not fully unlocked.

The message often also states that the SIM is not supported under the “activation policy” and that it is “not a hardware issue with the iPhone“.

You will need to contact the carrier that has been providing service on the phone to arrange for your phone to be fully unlocked.

Please note we do not have access to unlocking codes (Network Unlock Code, Subsidy Password, etc). These must be obtained from the original carrier.

If your phone has been fully unlocked but you still receive the message, it may be that you need to reset the network settings for the unlocking procedure to complete. You can do this in the menu: General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Should you still receive the error message after resetting the network settings then you will need to refer back to the original carrier for assistance as the unlocking process has not completed.