Your Mobal ‘Japan Unlimited’ SIM card will be assigned a standard Japanese cell phone number. The number will have the format +81 70 ???? ???? or +81 80 ???? ????

This phone number will be listed on the ‘SIM Card User Guide’ included with your order and also on your Mobal online account (MyAccount) once the SIM card has been activated.

Should you decide to suspend your service (this option is available after 60 days of service on an ongoing plan) and then reactivate within the next 12 months, we can confirm that your SIM card will retain the same phone number during the reconnection process.

If your SIM card is fully deactivated at any point (rather than suspended) please be advised that the disconnection will be permanent and you will lose the original phone number. You would then be required to purchase a new SIM card (which will be assigned a new phone number) if you wished to use use this service again.