On occasion, we may encounter an issue with processing a charge for a customer while they are traveling. The vast majority of these are due to a restriction on international charges that are applied by the provider of the payment method being used.

Please be advised that charges from Mobal will originate from our head office based in the UK. Therefore, we would recommend contacting the provider of your payment method and advising them to expect UK based charges from Mobal Communications.

Should an issue arise, we will of course try to contact you to discuss this further. We will attempt to call to (or possibly send a text message to) your Mobal cell phone number or we will try to contact you on the alternative contact number / email address you have provided.

For declined charges that exceed $100, we need to hear from you on the same day that the issue occurred or your Mobal service will be suspended at the end of that business day. For charges under $100 you will have 2-3 days to resolve this before further action will be taken.

Disconnection of your service is never something we would take lightly but in some circumstances, it is a necessary precaution to protect both Mobal and our customers.

If you ever receive a message and you are not 100% sure if it is from Mobal, you can either call us on +1 212-785-5800 or simply log into your Mobal online account (MyAccount) where any declined charges will be visible.