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About Mobal Communications

About Mobal Communications
About Mobal Communications


About Mobal

Here's a little introduction to who Mobal are, what we believe in, where we came from and where we're going!

We firmly believe that the most important thing your international cell phone should do is allow you to make the best quality calls in the greatest number of locations. After all, if you're not able to make a call when you need to, what's the point in having a phone?

For this reason we never use technology that cuts corners with your call quality or ease of use, so you can depend on your Mobal phone.

By focusing on consistent quality over the years, we've gained the attention of the travel media and been recommended in trusted sources such as:


To make sure we offer you the best ongoing support we can while you're jetting around the globe we have offices in New York, USA, Hednesford, UK, and Tokyo, Japan.

Since 1989 we've seen a lot of new companies and services appear in the international cell phone industry, and we've seen a lot of them disappear too. With Mobal you can be sure you're dealing with established company that will provide you with service for years to come.

Mobal is one of the World's longest running cell phone providers and was founded in 1989 (consider that Cingular was only founded in 2001, Verizon in 2000 and T-Mobile in 1995 and that puts our long history into perspective!) As you can see, we're a well-established company with a proven reputation.

Mobal was the brain-child of our Chairman Tony Smith. As a lifelong international traveller he was constantly frustrated trying to keep in touch with family, friends and business contacts on his many trips overseas. When cell phones first appeared he spotted a solution, and has constantly endeavoured to find the highest quality, and easiest to use services. Today you also benefit from his search for the best international cell phone service and feel the peace of mind that you are contactable around the world.

By creating such a useful and popular product, Tony has managed to build a great team at Mobal, and if you become a customer, we look forward to making your travels just that little bit easier! And that's about it from us, so - happy travelling, and remember before your next trip, grab yourself a Mobal World Phone


Protecting Customers Information

We have a link to our full Privacy Policy at the bottom of every page of our websites. The link to Mobal Communication's Privacy policy is

Any information that you supply to us is only made available to the relevant staff members of The Mobell Group. Any information you provide through the websites, once received, is stored within restricted areas. When customer information is being sent over the Internet it can go via routes out of The Mobell Group's control, such is the nature of web systems. If information is accessed or lost during this period The Mobell Group cannot be held responsible.

The Mobell Group websites contain links to other companies. We have no control over their content or how they use any information you choose to disclose. This is done entirely at your own risk. No customer information that has been submitted to The Mobell Group websites is shared or sold to any third parties.


Giving Back!



Mobal has been involved in offering the best communication solutions for International American travelers since 1985. Founded in the UK, Mobal has continued to grow in size, status and services and today is a world leader with operations in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. We take immense pride in providing a platform to drive change in some of the world's most neediest communities.

You can find out more about Mobal on our main website


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Billing and MyAccount

Billing and MyAccount
Billing and your Mobal World Phone

Billing for your World Phone is overall very simple. You are charged for activity on your phone as and when we receive confirmation of the usage from the local networks. However there are some additional things you might need to know…

Monthly and Annual Fees;
While you are usually only charged for activity on the phone we do have optional, annually renewable services that you have the ability to sign up to. Currently these include the Mobal All Risk Protection Plan and the Toll Free / Follow Me Number - more information on both of these services can be found within the Mobal HelpCenter.

If you have signed up to these services they are annually renewable and we will send you an email reminder a couple of weeks before they are due.

Remember, although these services are non refundable, you can cancel any subsequent renewals at any time.


Charging you for Calls;
Mobal Communications offers a Post-Paid service, this way we can charge you for the calls after you have made them. This has several benefits;

  • No need to pre pay, guessing at the amount of credit you might need
  • No chance of you running out of credit mid trip
  • The benefit of fully itemized call listings (something many pre-paid services don't offer)

Many customers find that we begin to bill them for calls while they are still traveling. We bill from our Head Office in the UK so it is important to let your bank know to expect charges from us, as well as making sure before you travel that the credit card information you have provided us is up to date!

Any charge from Mobal Will appear on your Credit Card Statement with the reference "Mobal +12127855800". This is not the number dialed, it is our Customer Service number and is there to remind you who we are and also provide our Customer Support number so you can call us with any queries.

Obviously as we charge you for calls after you have made them you should expect to continue to receive some charges after your trip as explained very concisely within our Terms and Conditions;

"Call charges are taken from your credit card as and when we receive the call data from the networks. Due to delays in receiving call data from networks, calls may be charged several months after they were made. You can view statements detailing the charges that we have taken, including fully itemized lists of the calls you have made, online at"


Other charges you might receive between trips;
As detailed above you may receive some call charges for calls made on your trip later than you might expect, and we have already detailed annually renewable services above. There are other call charges that may appear between trips, however with a little careful planning these are avoidable.

If you leave your voicemail active between trips then someone may accidentally call you. This could be a friend who hasn't realized that you are back or someone accidentally dialing a wrong number (it's a pain but who has never done that at some point!). To avoid this type of charge simply deactivate your voicemail before you return from your trip.

One other type of charge that may occur is if you have the Toll Free Number. This service is billed in a slightly different way when someone dials to your Toll Free Number (even if they reach the message that signifies your phone is switched off) it is still a chargeable call because the Toll Free Number has made an active connection to the message. To avoid this there are a couple of things we can do;

  • Disconnect your Mobal Service, a temporary and reversible procedure 
  • Have the Toll Free Number diverted to another phone line, such as your Domestic Cell Phone (again a temporary and reversible procedure)
  • Have the Toll Free number disconnected

This last option is not reversible and you would need to re-subscribe to the Toll Free Number service at a later date.


How to find out how much it would cost your friends to call to you;
Obviously Mobal Communications cannot provide this information for you. The number of different domestic phone plans available across the USA makes this impossible, however we make it very easy for you to find out.

As the Mobal World Phone has a UK phone number, it does not matter where you are in the World because your friends and family would only need to dial one single UK number. So you just need to check with their domestic provider and ask how much it would be for them to call you on your UK Cell Phone number.


Charges for calling between Mobal World Phones
As all Mobal phones come with a UK number any calls made to another World Phone will be a call to the UK. The rates for this are included within your Mobal MyAccount.

The Mobal World phone you are calling will be subject to the per-minute cost of an incoming call for the country it is in.


Viewing call listings / invoices
All of your call listings and invoices are available through your Mobal MyAccount within approximately 48 hours of a charge being successfully taken from your credit card. In reality it is usually much sooner but to be safe we stick to the 48 hour rule!


Toll Free Numbers
It is common practice for cell phone networks to charge for calls to Toll Free Numbers. This is often (but not always) explained when you dial to a Toll Free Number from a Cell Phone.

With this in mind, if you call to a Toll Free Number from a Mobal World Phone, you will be charged at the rate of a cost of a call to the country where the Toll Free Number is advertised.

Please note that it is common for Toll Free Numbers to be inaccessible for international callers, so we recommend that you obtain an alternative number for the company you wish to reach.


Collect Calling
Collect call numbers are designed to be used via a public pay phone, where you contact an international operator and ask them to make a collect call. Any collect call numbers dialed from your Mobal World Phone will be chargeable.


Using Calling Cards
In general, using calling cards with the Mobal World Phone is not a good idea. Most calling cards rely on you being able to dial to a Toll Free number and then call out to the person you want to reach, and as detailed above, calls to Toll Free numbers are not free with the Mobal World Phone so you would be paying twice for the call!

The only exception is for friends and family to use the Toll Free number to call to you while you are traveling. For example they use a calling card within the USA that offers preferable rates for calling to a UK cell phone number.


Test Calls
In short, any activity on your phone is chargeable.

There is only one exception to this - calls to Mobal Offices from Mobal Phones are free of charge. So if you want to test your phone but don't want to pay for this test, we would recommend that you make a quick call into our Customer Support number +12127855800. It is not a special number, it is a standard New York Number, and if you can call into us, then you should be able to call any other active number as long as you dial that number correctly! Dialing advice is in a completely different section!


Call Allowance
The Mobal World phone does not come with any free call allowance as standard, occasionally there may be marketing offers where you can earn or purchase call allowance. Should you have any call allowance on your account then it will be viewable through your Mobal MyAccount.

Please note; as call charges vary from country to country, Mobal will never provide you with free or inclusive minutes.


It is important to note that using the voicemail service is chargeable. The Voicemail charge information is detailed within the Voicemail section on this HelpDesk!


Pre-Paying for Calls
We are unable to offer a Pre-Paid service with the Mobal World Phone, see above for more information.


Lost and Stolen Phones
Knowing exactly where your Mobal phone is at all times is extremely important. There are no restrictions on the number of calls a Mobal Phone can make - nor are there any restrictions on where a Mobal Phone can call to! Once connected to a network the Mobal Phone / SIM card can be used to call to anywhere in the World and the account holder of the Mobal service is liable for any and all activity on the SIM card.

 With this in mind it is very important that if your phone is lost or Stolen you contact us immediately so we can disconnect the service for you. This is explained within our Terms and Conditions;

"You are liable for all call charges incurred until you notify us of the loss or theft. To request disconnection of the service call +1 212 785 5800 immediately. This emergency service is available 24-hours. Out of normal office hours our answering service will provide instructions."

We are unable to tell immediately if there is a problem with the phone and if it has been lost or stolen. The only way for us to know is if you contact us!


Billing Issues
Occasionally we encounter issues when attempting to bill customers. The vast majority of the time these issues are caused by the banks being overprotective of your account. If you have told your bank that you are traveling in India and a company in the UK tries to take money from your account it's not really surprising that the bank wants confirmation from you that the charge is expected. This can happen even if you have warned your bank that you are traveling. To resolve the issue, all you have to do is call your bank and tell them that the charge is OK.

If this does happen to you we will try to contact you. We don't need to know your travel plans, because we will usually contact you in 4 ways;

  • A text message to your Mobal World Phone
  • A phone call to your Mobal World Phone
  • A phone call to the landline you have provided as a contact number
  • An email to the email address we hold on file

For charges that are over $100 we will need contact from you the same day, or we will have to disconnect the service at the end of that business day. For charges under $100 you have a couple of days to get back to us.

Disconnection of your phone service is never something we would take lightly, but in some circumstances it is a necessary precaution to protect both you and us. If you receive a message and you are not 100% sure if it is from us you can either call us on +12127855800 and ask, or simply log into your Mobal MyAccount If there are payment issues on your World Phone account, your MyAccount will let you know!


Due to US Inland Revenue requirements we do charge tax on sales and shipping within New York. This charge only applies to the state of New York. 

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Additional information for our Android Handsets

Please see below all downloadable information for the Android Handsets we have supplied - please note that we are currently unable to provide an electronic copy of the Blu Magic D200 User Guide.

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Lost & Stolen Phones

Lost & Stolen Phones
Lost and Stolen Phones

Talking about the possible loss or theft of your phone seems all doom and gloom but it is important to remember that a very, very small percentage of our customers ever have this issue and there are steps you can take to limit this risk!


Adding Security Functions to the phone
The phones we supply do have some security functions to help prevent unwanted / unauthorized usage, however not all phones offer all of the options. Your best bet would be to check the Manufacturers manual provided with your phone. Alternatively our Support Agents by both phone and email are well versed on the functions of the phones.


Using prepaid credit cards or a Credit Card with a limited balance
This is not really a way to cap usage because the Mobal phone works on a post paid basis and the call data can be delayed.

Instead a much better way to limit unwanted usage is to be vigilant as to where your phone is at all times (including when on a flight, it's a much better idea to keep it in your carry on bags and not in your stowed luggage) and to use the security functions that the phone offers.


Capping Usage
As a post paid service it is not possible to "Cap" usage.


Responsibilities for call charges on lost / stolen phones
The account holder is responsible for (any and) all activity charges on the phone / SIM up until the point it is reported to us as being lost / stolen via the method described within our Terms and Conditions.

This is still the same, even if you didn't realize the phone was lost or stolen. It is very important you are aware of where your phone is at all times.

For added security between trips while your phone is in storage we are happy to suspend your service, all you need to do is contact us when you are ready to travel again.


Reporting your phone lost / stolen
It is extremely important that you contact us as soon as possible if your phone has been lost or stolen. We would never recommend that you report the loss or theft of your phone via email. Our email accounts are not monitored 24/7 and emails are processed in the order in which they are received, so it could be several hours before your report is noticed and during this time you will remain liable for the charges.

To ensure immediate disconnection you must report your phone lost / stolen via phone to the number shown within the Terms and Conditions +1 212 785 5800

According to our Terms and Conditions;

"You are liable for all call charges incurred until you notify us of the loss or theft. To request disconnection of the service call +1 212 785 5800 immediately. This emergency service is available 24-hours a day. Out of normal office hours our answering service will provide instructions."

If you do not contact us on the +1 212-785-5800 number we will not know to disconnect your phone.

Calling us is the only 100% guaranteed way to make sure your phone is disconnected straight away, if you e-mail us we may not see the e-mail until much later, especially after hours and at weekends when e-mail is not monitored.

The +1 212-785-5800 New York emergency service number is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


What happens when you report your phone lost / stolen
Within standard office hours you will speak to one of our dedicated Support Team, however out of hours our emergency service takes over and you will be able to leave your number on the automated disconnection line.


What does it say within your Terms and Conditions about lost or stolen phones?
You are liable for all usage (calls, text messages and cellular data) charges incurred until you notify us of the loss or theft. To request disconnection of the service call +1 212 785 5800 immediately. This emergency service is available 24-hours a day. Out of normal office hours our answering service will provide instructions.


Where to find our Terms and Conditions
The link to the Terms and Conditions of service can be found at the bottom of every page on the website, alternatively the link to our Purchase Agreement Terms is

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