To access cellular data service on your iPhone handset, you will need to:

  • Install the APN (Access Point Name) configuration file
  • Enable the ‘Cellular / Mobile Data’ feature
  • Ensure that ‘LTE’ is enabled (if your device is 4G capable)

If you have enabled the ‘Mobile / Cellular Data’ feature on your device but you are still unable to access the internet, please connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi (when available) and then open the “Safari” browser on your iPhone handset (please ensure that you use “Safari” rather than any alternative browser app).

Once you have opened the “Safari” browser, please tap on the button below:

This will then allow you to download the correct APN profile on your device that is required for cellular data access. After downloading the APN profile however, you may still need to manually install it.

Depending on the iPhone handset you are using (or the version of the iOS that’s installed), you should be able to install the profile, by:

  • Returning to the main “Settings” menu and then clicking on the “Profile Downloaded” option to install it.
  • Or by returning to the main “Settings” menu and then clicking on the “More for Your iPhone” option. On the next screen, you should see a “Downloaded Profile” section where you can install the APN profile and confirm it.

Once complete, please ensure that the ‘Mobile / Cellular Data’ feature is still enabled on your device and then test the connection. If you are still unable to access cellular, please reboot your device and wait a few minutes before testing the connection again.

You can also view additional instructions on how to enable the ‘Cellular / Mobile Data’ and how to enable 4G LTE data access below –

– Enabling Data –

To enable data on your iPhone handset, please access the “Settings” menu and then go to the “Mobile Data” section as shown in steps 1-3 in the guide below.

You should also be able to activate 4G LTE data access (if your device is capable) by going to the “Mobile Data Options” menu and then tapping on the “Voice & Data” option. You can then choose to enable 4G LTE connections for cellular data as shown in steps 4-5 in the guide below.

If the instructions in the guide above are not correct for your device however (possibly due to you using an older iPhone handset or an earlier version of the Apple iOS), you may need to refer to a user guide for your specific handset.


– Troubleshooting –

If you are still unable to access cellular data after following the steps above, we would recommend that you reset the network settings on your device.

On most iPhone handsets, you should be able to locate this option by going to:

“Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Reset Network Settings”

Once you have reset your network settings, please repeat the steps above starting with the re-installation of the APN configuration profile (by clicking on the “Cellular Data Setup” button at the start of this guide) and then retest the connection.