When adding a contact to your ‘Blu Zoey 2.4 3G’ handset, please follow the steps below –

1) Go to the main ‘Menu’ by pressing the top left button on the keypad.
2) Select the “Contact” icon (icon shows a picture of a phone book).
3) You will see two sections at the top of the screen; Three connected rectangles (on the left) and a picture of two people (on the right).
4) Navigate to the option on the right (by pressing the right side of the silver button) so that this option is highlighted in white.
5) Select “Options” (by pressing the top left button on the keypad) and select “New”.
6) Choose where you would like to save the contact by selecting “Phone” or “SIM”.
7) You will then see the “New Contact” screen and a series of options below.
8) Highlight the “Name” option, select it (select it by pressing the center button on the keypad), enter the required name and then select “OK”.
9) You can then highlight and select the “Mobile” or “Home Number” option, enter the phone number and then select “OK”.
10) When you have entered all of the required information, select “Save” by pressing the top left button on the keypad.
11) Your contact is now saved and should be visible in your “Contact” menu.