The M-mail feature will allow your phone to send text messages to an email address.

Activating M-Mail:

If you wish to activate the M-Mail feature, simply text the word “on” to 212, you only need to do this once and this will incur an $0.80 charge.

When this feature has been activated, you will receive the following text message:

“Your email service is now on and your address is:”

How to send a message via M-Mail:

  1. Please begin by creating a new SMS text message.
  2. Start your text message with the email address that you wish to send the message to.
  3. Leave a space after the email address and then type the contents of your message.
  4. Your message can be as long as you wish but it will be broken into sections of 100 characters.
  5. You will be charged $0.80 for each section (containing a 100 characters in each section).
  6. Please send the completed message to: 212

How to receive a message via M-Mail:

  1. Your contacts will need to send their email to your address (
  2. Incoming messages will also be broken into sections of 100 characters ($0.80 per section).
  3. To begin with, you will only receive the first 100 character section and the other sections can be retrieved manually by following the prompts.
  4. The title of the message will tell you how many parts there are and at the end of the message, you will be offered the chance to retrieve the next part by sending a text to 212.

Deactivating the M-mail service:

If you wish to deactivate the M-Mail service, simply text the word “off” to 212, which will incur a charge of $0.80.