We can confirm that your ‘Europe Plus’ SIM card can be tested in the U.S. (as long as it has been activated) if required.

However, please be advised that if your SIM card is used in the U.S. for Outbound Calls / Outbound Text Messages / Cellular Data access, you will incur a daily roaming fee of $5 per day (in addition to the standard charges).

When using this service in the U.S. for Incoming Calls / Incoming Text Messages, the daily roaming fee will not be applied.

If you still wish to test the service in the U.S. (but you would like to avoid the daily roaming fee), we would recommend placing a call to your Mobal phone number (as incoming calls are free) from your domestic phone. However, this may incur a charge with your domestic service provider (at the rate of a call from the U.S. to the U.K.). Please ensure ‘Cellular Data’ and ‘Data roaming’ are switched off to avoid unintentional data usage which would incur a daily roaming fee while testing the service in the U.S.