A Satellite Phone is not a regular Cellphone – As the name suggests, it communicates via Satellites orbiting the Earth, whereas Cellphones use local cell towers!

Just follow the 3 simple steps below to register with the Iridium Satellite Network:

1) Go Outside
Before you switch on the phone ensure that you are outside, away from buildings and trees, with a clear uninterrupted view of as much sky as possible.

The phone requires a clear line of sight to the satellites at all times. The more sky you can see the more reliable the connection will be. This phone will not work reliably indoors (if at all), even by a window.

It may be helpful to understand that there are many Iridium satellites, and that they are continually moving across the sky, ‘handing-over’ your signal from one to another as they pass overhead. Therefore, it is normal for the signal strength to vary as the satellites cross your path. If you do not have a sufficiently expansive clear uninterrupted view of the sky then your received signal strength may vary dramatically, or even drop altogether, as you await the arrival of the next satellite. The only solution to this is to find yourself a position with more sky!

2) Extend Antenna
Fully extend the antenna from the body of the phone, and hold it vertically.

The antenna works best when it is pointing vertically upwards. To achieve this it can be pivoted from side to side depending whether you intend to use the phone in your left or right hand. In practice however, in favorable signal conditions, this is usually unnecessary.

 3) Switch On
Press and hold the Power button on the top edge of the phone until the phone switches on (this takes a few seconds).

The display will show “Searching for network” and the satellite signal strength (maximum 5 bars) will be shown at the top left of the screen.

Once a satisfactory signal has been acquired the display will show “Registered” and the phone is ready to make and receive calls.

This whole process should take less than a minute. If the phone has not successfully registered in this time then it may be necessary to turn off the phone and retry. The most likely cause for failed registration, however, will be poor signal strength. For best results always remember to keep the antenna vertical and to position yourself away from any local obstructions (buildings, trees, etc.) and find yourself the best possible view of as much sky as you can.