The Mobal World Phone service you currently have has been discontinued for new/replacement orders. We are therefore unable to transfer your number to a new SIM card.

If you wish to keep your existing service and phone number you will need to keep using your existing SIM card. It may be possible to cut your SIM card to size using a suitable SIM cutting tool. Alternatively, a local cellphone store may offer this service for a small fee.

Please note SIM resizing can damage the SIM card beyond repair. In this event you would need to purchase a new SIM card – which would be assigned a new phone number.

You can order a new SIM card at: (Note: The new replacement service “Talk & Text” uses a UK cellphone number, we are unable to assign US numbers. Additionally, the new service does not support cellular data usage).

Alternatively, for trips to Europe you can consider our Europe Plus plan which supports cellular data: