Due to changes with the setup of your Mobal service, some customers will experience no coverage in the US. In this case you may see the error “No Service” or “Emergency calls only”.

What has changed?

For coverage in the US, your Mobal service will use the AT&T network. As their 2G service shut down at the end of 2016, you will need a 3G (850Mhz) compatible phone to get coverage domestically. Previously (up until the end of 2017), the service also used T-Mobile 2G, but unfortunately this is no longer available on this particular service.

Will my Mobal World Phone work in the US?

The following Mobal World Phones all have 3G (850Mhz) compatibility so if you have one of the following you should be able to connect to AT&T where available:

(Basic) Blu Zoey 2.4 3G
(Classic) Blu Advance 4.0 L/L2/L3
(Deluxe) Moto G X1032, Blu Studio C 5+5 LTE, Blu Studio Grand X LTE

Regrettably, the following Mobal World Phones are not 3G (850Mhz) compatible so you will not be able to register to a network in the US:

(Basic) Samsung GT-E1200M, Blu Zoey
(Classic) Samsung GT-E3210, E3309, Galaxy S7390, Galaxy G310HN, Galaxy I8160
(Deluxe) Blu Studio G HD LTE S0250EE

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes but we can assure you that your international service is not affected by this change.

I never purchased my phone from Mobal, is my SIM affected?

You will need to check the specifications of your phone. If your phone is compatible with 3G (UMTS) 850Mhz then your Mobal SIM should be able to connect to AT&T where available.