If your ‘Samsung GT-E3210’ device displays a “No Service” or an “Emergency Calls” only message, this would usually indicate that you are in a location with poor signal strength / limited network coverage.

As a further test however, we would recommend attempting to select a network manually –

  1. Go to the main ‘Menu’ by pressing the top left button on the keypad.
  2. Select the option for “Settings” (icon shows a picture of a gear / cog wheel).
  3. Select “Network”.
  4. Select “Network Selection”.
  5. Change the network search mode to “Manual” and wait while the phone performs a search.
  6. Choose a network from the list and wait while registration completes.
  7. Retest your service and if the issue persists, repeat these steps with any other networks shown.
  8. If this resolves the issue, please change the network search mode back to “Automatic” when you travel to a new location.