The following troubleshooting advice is intended as a general guide only. The features and menus on your device may be different so you will need to refer to your device’s user guide and if necessary, contact the manufacturer direct.

If your device is not registering with any networks (device shows no signal strength, or a “No service”, “Emergency Calls Only”, or similar message):

1) Check that your device is not set to ‘Airplane Mode’.
Settings > Flight Mode

2) Check that your ‘Network Mode’ is set to use both GSM(2G) and WCDMA(3G) networks.
Settings > Mobile Network > Highest Connection Speed > 3G/4G

3) Check that your ‘Network Selection Mode’ is set to ‘Automatic’.
Settings > Mobile Network > Network Selection > Automatic

4) After all these checks, re-start the device for the changes to take effect.

5) If you have tried the above steps, but are still having problems, try a manual network selection.
Settings >Mobile Network >Network Selection > Manual > Select a network once listed