IMPORTANT: This setup will enable the cellular data connection on your device, regardless of your current location. As roaming fees and higher data usage rates apply in certain countries, we recommend that you check the rates before proceeding – To view the rates click here.

To use data, simply enable Cellular (Mobile) Data which is found in the “Settings > Cellular” menu as shown in the example.

You will then need to enable the option to allow Data roaming.

Usually, no other configuration is needed as the Access Point Name (APN) is automatically configured!

Note: If you disable Data roaming this will block cellular data usage in any country except the UK. This is the easiest way to control your data usage as you travel internationally. This can be used to avoid the roaming fees mentioned above – Just ensure you disable roaming BEFORE entering an area where the roaming fees apply.

If you do not have a data connection after enabling Cellular Data and Data roaming, it may be that the settings from your previous service provider are conflicting with the automated setup. To resolve this, reset the settings for your phone as follows:

Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network > Tap Reset Settings

Additionally, go to: Settings > General > Profile. If there are APN configuration profiles showing, tap Delete Profile for each one. If prompted, enter your device passcode to confirm.

After resetting the settings, please turn your phone off; remove the SIM for a few seconds; re-insert the SIM and turn your phone back on. Check that Cellular Data and Data roaming are still enabled and then wait a few minutes before retesting the data connection.