To use data, you will need to enable Cellular (Mobile) Data…

Tap “Apps” (circle with six dots) > Tap “Settings > Tap “Data usage” > If necessary, tap the switch to toggle “Cellular data” to Enabled:

Usually, no other configuration is needed as the Access Point Name (APN) is automatically configured!

However, should you still not have a data connection after enabling Cellular data and Data roaming then follow the steps below:

Check the APN Profile

From the same menu where you can enable Data roaming, tap “Access Point Names”. You will then see the APN profiles saved in the phone. The active profile is identified by a dot within the circle. The first line of the profile is the name, the second line is the actual APN.

Although the name of the profile is not important, it is vital that the APN itself is correct. This is usually auto-configured to “”. If this is the active profile (as shown to the left) no further setup is required.

If you have a profile that has the APN as “” but it is not the active profile, tap in the circle to set it as active.

Creating a New APN Profile

Should you not have a profile with the correct APN you will need to tap “+” to create a new profile.

Tap “Name” and then enter “Mobal” and tap OK.

Tap “APN” and then enter “” in lowercase and tap OK.

Tap options (three vertical dots) and then tap Save.

You will then be returned to the APN profile screen, tap the circle next to the “Mobal” profile so it is active.