Your ‘Mobal World’ phone number can be found on the front of your SIM card user guide. Your SIM card will be assigned a UK cellphone number so you will notice that it has “44” at the beginning which represents the country code.

To call your Mobal World Phone number the caller will need to enter the International Dial-out Code as a prefix before entering your 12 digit number.

What is the International Dial-out Code?

This will vary depending on the country they are calling from. From a US landline it is “011” and from a European landline it is “00”.  If calling from a cellphone just a plus “+” is used as this replaces the need of entering the local code (such as “011” or “00”) – this is the preferred method as it will work from any cellphone, anywhere in the world!

From a US landline you would dial: 011 44 7?? ??? ????
From a European landline you would dial: 00 44 7?? ??? ????
From a Cellphone you would dial: + 44 7?? ??? ????

Note: When dialing you should ignore any spaces or hyphens as these are not required (Some phones will automatically add these as shown in the example but this is just for ease of viewing!)