Your Satellite phone number is printed on a label on the phone  (It can also be found on the packing slip). You will notice that it begins with “8816” which represents the ‘country code’ assigned specifically to the Iridium Satellite phone network.

Direct-Dialing to the Iridium Phone

Regardless of where you are using the phone, any contact would need to dial your 12 digit number with the International Dial-out Code as a prefix.

What is the International Dial-out Code?

This will vary depending on the country they are calling from. For landline users the caller will need to check with their local operator if they do not know this code. From a US landline it is “011” and from a European landline it is “00”. For cellphone users just a plus “+” is used as this replaces the need of entering the local code (such as “011” or “00”) – this is the preferred method as it will work from any cellphone, anywhere in the world!

From a US landline you would dial: 011 8816 ???? ????
From a European landline you would dial: 00 8816 ???? ????
From a Cellphone you would dial: + 8816 ???? ????

When dialing you should ignore any spaces or hyphens as these are not required (Some phones will automatically add these as shown in the example but this is just for ease of viewing!)

Note: It is common for service providers to charge several dollars per minute for direct-dialed calls to Iridium phones, we recommend that the caller contacts their provider so they are aware of the costs involved with their plan. Additionally, calls to Satellite phones can be blocked by default so the caller will need to contact their service provider to remove this if necessary.

2-Stage Dialing to the Iridium Phone

Iridium’s 2-Stage dialing system uses a US number (in Arizona) so callers can call a domestic number to reach you. This means that virtually any domestic phone will be able to call you, and the caller will only pay for the cost of a call to Arizona. You will be charged an incoming call charge for calls dialed in this way, however, the sum of these two charges is usually far less than the cost of a direct-dialed call.

To use 2-stage dialing, callers will need to dial (1) 480 768 2500 and then enter your 12 digit number at the prompt, the call will then be forwarded to your phone!