To call anywhere in the world, you will need to use the “+” prefix
followed by the country code and then the number including area code.

If the area code begins with a “0” you would generally omit this when dialing. For example, the local number for Mobal in the UK is 01543426999 – you would dial this as + 44 1543426999.

To call Mobal in the USA you would dial + 1 212 7855800 as shown in the example to the right.

Note: When dialing enter numbers only, ignore any spaces or hyphens as these are not required (As in the example, some phones will automatically add these for ease of viewing – this is completely normal!) 

Is the Plus “+” symbol necessary and how do I enter it?

Yes! – Calls will not complete without the plus as this represents the international dial-out code for the country you are calling from. Using the plus replaces the need of entering different codes (such as “011” or “00”) as you travel between countries!

All cellphones have the ability to enter a plus. You should see the symbol on either the zero “0” or asterisk “*” key. You will need to long press or double tap the respective key to get the plus.

What “Country Code” do I use?

Regardless of your physical location (or the location of the phone you are trying to call), the country code used will be the home country of the number you are trying to call. Therefore, to call a US cellphone you would always use the country code “1” – To view a list of 200 country codes, click here!

Usage Rates:
We recommend that you check usage rates before use, information on how to do this is available by clicking here.