As the regional short codes for emergency services (112, 999, etc) are not supported by the Iridium network, you will need to call ‘regular’ phone numbers to reach the local emergency services.

We strongly recommend that you look up the local numbers of the emergency services in the regions in which you intend to travel and store them into your phone before traveling. The phone number will need to be saved with the relevant country code as a prefix.

As short codes work with landlines and cellphones, these are prominently available but regular numbers can be difficult to obtain. It is advisable that you designate a contact in the USA to be your point of contact in an emergency, so they can relay information on to the relevant services for you if needed.

In the USA, calling 911 is supported by the Iridium network, however, should there be a problem when dialing this you will need to call a designated contact as above.