Please note if you have not used your SIM recently (within the last 30 days) we are unable to reconnect the service and you will need to purchase a new SIM – You can do this online at:

If your Mobal ‘Europe Plus’ SIM card has recently been disconnected and you would like to reconnect the service (or if it’s already active and you would like to extend the duration of service) then please contact us on (+1) 212 785 5800.

One of our agents will then ensure that your billing information is up to date before asking you to confirm the service duration required (30/60/90 days, etc).

Alternatively, if you have already confirmed that your billing information is up to date (you can check this through your Mobal online account), you can contact us with your request via email at:

Within your email, please include your account details and the service duration required.

Please be advised that your ‘Europe Plus’ SIM card may be assigned a new UK phone number upon reconnection. This new phone number will also be included in your activation confirmation email.