Your SIM card will be assigned a US phone number at the point of activation. The phone number will be in the format +1 ??? ??? ????

Although we do not provide a choice of area codes, we will request for one relative to your US billing ZIP code where applicable. Please note we cannot guarantee a particular area code will be available and so a default one may be assigned (usually a New York State area code).

After we have received your SIM card activation request, we will begin the activation process two business days before your chosen start date (as activation can take up to two business days to complete). If you request immediate activation there may therefore be a delay.

When your SIM card has been activated, you will receive a confirmation email containing the phone number that you have been assigned.

You will also see this phone number listed on your Mobal online account (MyAccount) within 48 hours of the SIM card being activated.