Yes! The options to change, suspend or terminate the plan are detailed below.

  • Short-Term Use

If the SIM card is activated for a set period (15/30/60/90 days), the service will be permanently disconnected at the end of your selected period. The SIM cannot be reused so you would need to purchase a new SIM for any future trips to Japan and this would have its own new phone number.

You can request a permanent disconnection at any point. If the service is disconnected within 30 days no refund would be due but if you had originally requested the 60/90 day plan then you would not be billed for the 1 or 2 additional months of service that were no longer required.

Note: Provided your service has not been (or is not in the process of being) disconnected, you can contact us to request to switch to long term use for increased flexibility.

  • Long-Term Use

If the SIM card is activated for ongoing service, the service will remain active until you request otherwise. You can request a permanent disconnection at any point but if you want to make a change to your plan you can do this after your initial 60 days of service – At this point your plan will be calendar monthly based so you can switch plans on this basis. Simply contact us to let us know which plan you want to switch to and from which month this should take effect!

The current plans that we offer are listed below and you can get further details on these by clicking “+More on switching plans” on the product webpage:

  • Unlimited Data Plan (Includes 7GB of high speed data)
  • Non-Data Plan (Ideal if you only use voice and text services)
  • Vacation Plan (Suspension of service for up to 12 months)