The billing cycle will depend on the service type you select upon activation as detailed below.

Short-Term Use

If the SIM card is activated for a set period of 30/60/90 days, you will be billed for the whole service period immediately.

Call and text usage will be billed as and when we receive a breakdown of this from the network. Typically it varies from a few days to a few weeks after actual use, but it can take longer on some occasions.

Long-Term Use

If the SIM card is activated for ongoing service, you will be billed to cover the period from the chosen activation date to the end of the calendar month in which this falls. This is your initial billing period and it is billed immediately – Even if your activation date has been selected months in advance. If the period is not a full calendar month the charge will be pro-rated accordingly.

After the initial billing period the monthly fee will be billed on the 1st of each month, to cover the service for the month ahead. Any call or text usage that occurred in the previous month will also be billed at this point. Due to the possible delay in receiving complete usage records from the network (particularly usage that occurred at the end of the month), some usage may not get billed until a month later.

Note: If your service was activated before August 2018 and has been continuously active since, you may be on a different billing cycle where the monthly fee is paid in arrears around the 20th of each month. This is billed together with any call or text usage that occurred. For example, on 20th December you would be billed to cover the monthly fee and any usage for the month of November.