– Disputed Charges –

When you query a charge with your payment provider, please be advised that it will create a dispute/chargeback.

Your payment provider will then contact us via our payment processor and request information / documents to back up the charge that has been queried.

Unfortunately, this whole process can take some time to complete and it is highly likely that (while the payment provider are querying a charge with us) they will deny any more payment requests we make.  For that reason, we would likely suspend your service while we deal with the query.

Some disputes/chargebacks can last 3 months (maybe even longer)  and we understand that is a long time to go without service so there are some solutions we may be able to offer you.

– Resolution Options –

Please note that the solutions below may not be available in all cases (as different restrictions apply to the various products we offer) and so if you have raised a dispute / processed a chargeback but you are unsure how to proceed, we would recommend that you contact our support team directly to discuss this further:


– Option 1 –
Signed Letter of Authorisation)

If possible, we will send you an email advising that a dispute has been received and this will include a brief explanation of the charge.

Within this email, there will be a section for you to sign & print your name. Please note that you must print off the email and sign it by hand as the payment provider will not accept a computerised signature as proof of authorisation.

However, we only have a small window of time to respond to the dispute and so this option may not always be available.

– Option 2 –
(Re-charging the queried amount)

If we have already responded to the dispute and you request reconnection, we would need to recharge the queried amount to either your existing payment method or to an alternative one. 

If the dispute is then resolved in our favour, we will refund you the charge that was rebilled to your account.